Mom Chat Monday

E52 Choosing Secondhand First ft. Kat Steck of @thejunkyardjournals

January 24, 2022
Mom Chat Monday
E52 Choosing Secondhand First ft. Kat Steck of @thejunkyardjournals
Show Notes

Do you choose secondhand first? Talking today with Kat of @thejunkyardjournals about her journey to consume less and go secondhand first in her family!

What are your thoughts about secondhand and thrifting? What benefits do you see? Any tips for successful thrifting? Share below with the @momchatmonday community and spread the love!

Kat Steck is a mom of 2, thrifting addict, and self-proclaimed jar hoarder living in Los Angeles.  She is passionate about helping others (especially moms) opt out of consumer culture, buy less new junk and use what they have. After challenging herself for ethical and environmental reasons to buy no new clothes for a year she realized she could adopt a lifestyle of buying (almost) nothing new and wanted to encourage others to join too! She loves sharing secondhand finds, budget friendly sustainable living tips and simple living mom hacks on instagram at @thejunkyardjournals.

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