Mom Chat Monday

E65 What Kind of Mom Are You?

May 16, 2022
Mom Chat Monday
E65 What Kind of Mom Are You?
Show Notes

Mom Chat Monday: What type of mom are you??! Take the *very factual and legitimate* BuzzFeed parenting quiz on what type of mom you are along with @houseofeilers and @kylamariecharles for this weeks @momchatmonday

Do you think you sometimes base your parenting off of certain stereotypes and categories we make for moms?

An important takeaway from this silly quiz is that while it’s clear that we might be able to put some decisions into certain boxes, we all are just making *individual* decisions that are best for our families— not because we’re a “Pinterest” or “Crunchy” or “Gentle” mom 💕

Buzzfeed Quiz: What Kind Of Mom Are You?


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